Soil stabilization

The true wise man doesn’t need a rock to build on

Developers here in the South know—abundant heavy clay and silt can make the most promising sites impossible to develop. Abernethy Contracting offers soil stabilization services using cost-effective techniques to salvage wet, dense sites for construction.

Our stabilization crews use a mixture of cement and hydrated lime, distributed using specialized heavy equipment to increase load-capacity and create uniform soil consistency throughout a project area.

Machine stabilizing the soil
Machine stabilizing the soil

Offerings & Capabilities

Soil stabilization highlights


In-house tank trucks for hauling soil stabilization cement to job sites


Full-depth reclamation services in addition to stabilization


Soil remediation to treat otherwise unusable soil for development

Year-round service

Rapid soil drying during wet spring and winter months


Soil testing services to assess the extent of stabilization needed


In-house fleet of specialized soil stabilization heavy equipment

Building roads


Create ideal site conditions, all year long

Weather patterns across the Carolinas have been known to create challenges for contractors building year round with ongoing projects. Wet months during spring and winter, combined with high levels of ground water, can make soil compaction difficult and results in costly delays to the overall schedule and completion.

Abernethy uses soil stabilization technologies to draw moisture from the soil and make compaction possible even during the rainy season. Our in-house stabilization offering allows us to keep our partners’ projects on track for ahead-of-schedule completion.

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FAQs about our soil stabilization

  • Is soil stabilization used for every project?

    No, soil stabilization is not needed for every project. Site areas with high levels of drainage and quality soil may provide ideal building conditions without the need for stabilization. Soil stabilization is applied to salvage poor soil conditions, making them suitable for construction, and to combat rainy and wet weather and make compaction possible.
  • Is soil stabilization specific to this region?

    Soil stabilization is ideal for the Charlotte, NC region and beyond due to high concentrations of clayey and moist soil conditions that can make compaction a difficult, lengthy process. Our soil stabilization techniques make it possible to build year round in locations that would otherwise be unsuitable for building.
  • Do you perform full-depth reclamation?

    Yes, Abernethy Contracting offers full-depth reclamation as a stand-alone service or as part of our site development offering. Similar to stabilization, reclamation is a roadway recycling process in which all of the pavement and some of the underlying material is pulverized and treated with an additive to produce an improved, stabilized base.
  • Is soil stabilization a cost-effective option?

    Soil stabilization is a cost-effective solution for treating poor and low-quality dirt to make it suitable for construction. Depending on the quantity of soil being treated, soil stabilization is a value engineering (VE) option, with the potential to eliminate the export of unsuitables and reduce quantity of sub-base required for asphalt paving.
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