Relationships built the old-fashioned way.

Our formula at Abernethy Contracting is simple: we deliver the highest quality services at the greatest value to our clients—on time, every time. We’ve been doing it this way for 50 years, earning us the reputation for being one of the leading contractors in the greater Charlotte region.

In addition to quality, we focus on building long-term partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to doing things the right way. We pride ourselves on being the contractor of choice for many of the most respected developers and general contractors in our industry.

Abernethy team
Abernethy team members

The value of our handshake

We deliver quality contracting services, engineered to provide the greatest value possible for our trusted partners

What sets our company apart

  • Approach

    Value engineering

    Our reputation is built on our ability to engineer cost savings and reduce schedule by developing innovative solutions to even the most daunting construction challenges. We take an outside-the-box approach to add value without sacrificing quality.
  • Offering

    Turnkey services

    We’ve built our operations to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients overall objectives and project needs. We self-perform the majority of our work and manage the remainder through long-term subcontracting partners.
  • Information

    Clear communication

    We believe the majority of challenges on any project can be boiled down to communication. We communicate openly, honestly, and directly with our partners to set clear expectations and hold ourselves accountable to our promises.
  • Goals

    Long-term vision

    Our goal and intention with every project is to deliver professional, successful results to gain more work in the future. We want to build lasting partnerships, so we do everything in our power to earn our partner’s trust.
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Our leadership

The Abernethy leadership team

Abernethy Contracting is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals who have dedicated their careers to the construction industry. As a family-owned business, the leadership team of today continues to uphold the values instilled in the business by its original founder.

Each member of the Abernethy leadership brings their unique skill set to the table for every project our company becomes involved in. Their combined efforts guide Abernethy Contracting forward to ensure successful partnerships for decades to come.

Our Services

Turnkey services for total project delivery

Abernethy Contracting is structured to provide complete site delivery services from excavation to paving.

Excavating dirt

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