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Because who doesn’t love managing a dozen subcontractors

Total site preparation is where Abernethy Contracting is able to provide the highest level of overall service to our partners. By managing the project from start to finish, we can engineer value by saving costs, eliminating delays, and providing comprehensive solutions to our clients’ biggest challenges.

Our approach to site preparation is focused on delivering quality service—quickly, safely, and guaranteed to last for generations.

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Site preparation highlights

Evaluation & planning

Early evaluation of site conditions for preliminary planning

Land clearing

Land clearing for undeveloped project sites, including tree removal


Accurate site surveying combining digital and traditional methods

Erosion control

Effective erosion control to prevent run-off, pollution, and adjacent property damage.

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In-house services for creative project solutions

Our ability to self-perform the majority of site preparation services gives our teams the ability to engineer creative solutions to complex project challenges.

We’ve earned our partners’ trust by consistently delivering high-quality results through innovative means. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and the reason Abernethy Contracting has been the partner of choice for leading developers throughout the Charlotte, NC region for 50 years.

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FAQ about our site preparation

  • What kinds of project sites does Abernethy prepare?

    Abernethy Contracting is experienced in site preparation in the commercial, industrial, municipal, heavy civil, and large-scale residential markets throughout the greater Charlotte, NC region. We’ve prepared sites for commercial centers, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, educational buildings, multi-family residential developments, and much more.
  • How long does a typical site preparation project take?

    While there is no standard amount of time for projects of a given size or scope, Abernethy Contracting typically is involved on site preparation projects lasting from 6 months to a year and a half. Most of our full site preparation packages involve working in developed areas, requiring high levels of coordination that factor into scheduling. Site size alone does not determine duration in most cases.
  • Do you use subcontractors for any of your work?

    Abernethy Contracting self-performs roughly 90% of the services involved in our site preparation projects. For the remaining 10% we rely on trusted subcontractors with whom we have established long-lasting partnerships. Services we subcontract typically include material testing and other areas where an objective third-party is preferable to ensure accurate reporting.
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