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Abernethy Contracting provides professional underground utility services for the development of commercial, industrial, large-scale residential, and public project sites.

We specialize in professional installation, repair, and replacement of all major utility classifications including storm drainage, water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm water. Our underground utility crews are highly trained to work safely and efficiently for reliable results our clients can trust.

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Offerings & Capabilities

Utility division highlights

Full-scale capabilities

Installation, repair, construction, and replacement of all underground utilities

Sanitary sewer

Underground sewer line installation and maintenance

BMP & water quality ponds

Installation of sand filters, rain gardens, bioretention cells and stormwater systems


Project site runoff and drainage utility construction

Water distribution

Underground water line utility installation and maintenance


Experienced pipe installation for all site development utility needs

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Professional utility services, proven results

In our experience, utilities like sanitary sewer, storm drain, and water distribution systems are the last thing on people’s minds until they break or don’t do the job they’re intended to do. For most people, they’re easy to overlook... most of the time.

Our underground utility services are set apart by our commitment to quality and our approach to guaranteeing all systems are installed correctly the first time so that we, or one of our competitors, isn’t called out to fix them a year later.

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FAQs about our utility services

  • What kinds of underground utilities do you install?

    Abernethy Contracting installs and repairs underground utilities associated with site preparation, including storm drain, sewer, water and sanitation utilities. In addition to installation, we repair and replace existing underground utilities found on project sites.
  • Do you work with home utilities like gas or electric?

    We only provide service for underground sewer, storm drain, water, and sanitary utilities. We do NOT work with any gas, electric, or communication utilities
  • Will you come to my house to fix my leaky pipes?

    We do NOT provide house-call plumbing services. Our utility services are focused on the commercial, industrial, municipal markets or large-scale residential developments.
  • Do you offer cured-in-place piping (CIPP) repair?

    We do NOT provide cured-in-place piping (CIPP) services. Our work is traditional excavation-based utility installation and repair, primarily for large-scale commercial and industrial developments.
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