Charlotte, NC

8 Metro Station


Oxford Properties




18 months

Services Provided

Asphalt Paving, Concrete, Grading, Soil Stabilization, Utilities

Project Details

One of many successful project partnerships with Oxford Properties, the 8 Metro Station apartment complex represents the kind of work Abernethy Contracting does best: full site development, working collaboratively with a trusted client.

Preparation of the 14-acre site involved excavation of 85,000 CY of material, complete grading to design specifications, soil stabilization, utilities, concrete, and asphalt paving. Abernethy teams installed 10,000 LF of storm drainage, 13,4000 LF of curb, and laid down 27,000 SY of asphalt to top it all off. The project scope also included offsite improvements to connecting City of Charlotte roads and utility mains.

Excavating dirt

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