Safety: the non-negotiable foundation of our operations

While cost and schedule may be open to negotiation, our approach to safety is written in stone. In everything we do, the safety of our people, our partners, and the communities we serve comes first.

At Abernethy, we train our people in the latest safety protocols and empower them to protect themselves and their fellow coworkers on the jobsite. Our priority on safety is reflected in our record of incident-free projects, which in turn has improved our ability to deliver work efficiently and cost-effectively for our clients.

team member having a safety talk
Team member in safety gear

Our process

Our work begins with safety

Safety is the foundation that everything else is built upon. Here are just a few of the ways that we work to daily ensure the safety of our teams.

  • We create safety plans that are specific to every project to address situational hazards before they occur.
  • Each workday begins with Jobsite Safety Analysis (JSA) led by our project foremen.
  • We improve safety with an on-going review process that includes input from our teams in the field.

The impact of safety on our culture

Our work

Our work

We prioritize safety as a fundamental component of our operations, as integral to our work as the equipment we run and the materials we use.
Our people

Our people

The safety of our people is the number one priority of every decision we make, from how we work to the training we provide our teams.
Our partners

Our partners

Our approach to safety extends beyond our employees to include our project partners, who we consider members of our Abernethy family.

Certifications & training

We train using the industry’s top safety programs

  • OSHA #510 Safety and Health
  • Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry
  • CPR Certification Training
  • Evacuation and Emergency Planning
  • Operator Safety Certification
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