From our people and partners to the work we do—we’re all in

For 50 years, Abernethy Contracting has grown and evolved its business based on a simple equation that brings hard-working people together to build meaningful projects in our communities.

Our focus today remains centered on forming long-lasting partnerships that allow us to do great work and provide meaningful opportunities for our people. With each new phase of our company’s history, we draw upon the successes and lessons of earlier generations to uphold the Abernethy legacy.

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Team members

Our Mission Statement

Building things that last, with people we care about, for the community we call home

Values we live by

  • How we work

    Load the wagon

    "Load the wagon, don’t sweat the mule.” Make sure you are focused on the task at hand and always aim to keep things simple.
    This looks like:
    • Know your job.
    • Make sure you get your work done.
    • Ask questions when needed.
  • How we think

    Earthwork is artwork

    Our work is our craft. We take pride in everything we do, and we always look for ways to be creative and improve.
    This looks like:
    • Not settling for “good enough”.
    • Leaving your mark on a jobsite.
    • Looking for creative solutions to problems.
    • Always working to learn and grow.
  • How we act

    Love your neighbor

    We are only as strong as our relationships with each other, our clients, and our community. We seek to put others first, to invest in those around us, and to always stand by our word.
    This looks like:
    • Checking in on somebody who’s having a bad day.
    • Taking the time to teach somebody a new skill.
    • Taking ownership of your mistakes, rather than passing blame.
    • Enjoying the people you work with.
  • How we communicate

    Talk it out

    Everyone deserves to be heard and nobody is above listening. As a team we communicate honestly and frequently to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
    This looks like:
    • Asking questions when you are confused.
    • Providing simple and actionable instructions on a job.
    • Having a clear vision for the future of the company.
    • Taking time to talk through a disagreement.


The Abernethy leadership team

Each member of the Abernethy leadership brings their unique skill set to the table for every project our company becomes involved in. Their combined efforts guide Abernethy Contracting forward to ensure successful partnerships for decades to come.

Chad Abernethy
Chad Abernethy

President & CEO

Being the eldest of three sons, Chad was mentored in the family business throughout his childhood and adolescence. What started as involuntary involvement quickly turned intentional as he found a love for all things dirt. Graduating high school in 2005, Chad immediately joined the family business full-time and even invested in his career through night classes of civil engineering at a local college. In 2010, after two painful years in the dirt world, Chad decided to venture out on his own. He found himself working at Union Paving where he quickly fell in love with all things asphalt. In 2012 he co-founded Barton Contracting, which in 2015 was named #3 on Charlotte’s Fastest Growing Companies list. Chad continued to work and grow Barton Contracting until 2022 when he completed the buy-out of his business partner, paving the way to merge Barton into Abernethy Contracting. As President, he oversees the daily needs and critical path of Abernethy Contracting and Abernethy Group.
Kyle Abernethy
Kyle Abernethy

VP of Development

Kyle grew up in and around the family business, working alongside his brothers during every school break and summer. Graduating high school during the economic downturn of 2008, he decided to attend Liberty University and after graduation he found a calling in education. Always having possessed an entrepreneurial mind, Kyle was drawn to the business sector in 2015 where he co-founded multiple e-commerce companies as well as a Charlotte based distribution business. In doing so, Kyle gained a wide professional skill set that he knew could benefit the family business. Selling his interest in his companies in 2019, he rejoined Abernethy Contracting at a pivotal moment of growth and immediately found his stride. Kyle heads up company growth by overseeing Business Development, Pre-Construction, and Project Management.
Kurt Abernethy
Kurt Abernethy

VP of Construction

Like his siblings before him, Kurt grew up immersed in the dirt world. Even after watching his brothers create their own path away from and back to the family business, Kurt never wandered. Graduating high school in 2012, Kurt originally pursued dual careers, giving himself to Abernethy Contracting while also pursuing the fire department. However, in 2014, he realized the call and needs of the family business were too great. Kurt wholly dedicated himself to Abernethy Contracting and the future of the business. Over the years, Kurt progressed from Foreman to Superintendent to eventually VP of Operations. He plays an active role in ensuring our field crews deliver consistent quality, performance and customer satisfaction.

History of Abernethy

Integrity over three generations

Formed in 1973 as Hal Abernethy Inc., our company has served Charlotte, NC and the surrounding region throughout three generations of family ownership. For 50 years, we’ve helped grow and develop our community through our involvement in many of the city’s landmark development projects. The Abernethy legacy is fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit with which our company was originally founded, while being guided by our mission to serve others.

Our history

Build your project with Abernethy Contracting

If you’re a developer or general contractor interested in partnering with Abernethy Contracting, contact our team to start a conversation. We look forward to learning more about your project to determine if we’re the best fit.