Asphalt Paving

If life is a highway, it should be well paved

Abernethy Contracting provides expert asphalt paving and milling services for roadways, commercial parking lots, residential subdivisions, industrial centers, and other general-use surfaces.

Our asphalt division personnel have decades of combined experience and take pride in delivering a premium product safely and efficiently. We work together on every project to delivery a high-quality product with the best service to our partners.

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Offerings & Capabilities

Asphalt paving highlights


GPS-enabled equipment for accuracy in the field


Highly experienced and professional paving and milling crews

Parking lots

Commercial parking lot resurfacing from one acre or greater

Loading docks

Paving and milling for industrial loading and distribution center

Patch repair

Sectional pavement patch and repair to match any asphalt surface

In-house hauling

Material hauling service for milling and asphalt


Contracted milling services for large-scale interstate projects


Milling and paving for airport runways and taxiways

Road crew


Flawlessly paved surfaces made to stay that way

Abernethy Contracting is distinguished by our commitment to paving beautifully smooth, level surfaces that withstand the wear and tear of traffic for years to come.

Our partners invest in Abernethy’s paving and milling service based on our consistent performance and ability to deliver great results quickly, safely, and at a cost that fits their budget.

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FAQs about our asphalt paving

  • Do you manufacture your own asphalt?

    No, we do not manufacture our own asphalt materials. Instead, we purchase from reputable producers in the Charlotte, NC region chosen based on proximity to individual paving sites. We factor the cost of asphalt material into the overall contract for paving projects. This helps ensure that project costs remain accurate with estimates, so our clients know what they’re getting.
  • Do you offer both paving and milling services?

    Yes, Abernethy Contracting offers both asphalt paving and milling services. We perform both using in-house equipment and crews to ensure quality from one project to the next. Our paving and milling services are offered individually or together in a single contract. We’ll mill and pave projects ranging from commercial parking lots to public roadways.
  • Do you pave for residential homeowners?

    Due to overhead costs and work backlog, we do NOT offer paving or milling services for residential homeowners. If you’re in need of recommendations, we can provide a list of reputable companies scaled to meet your individual needs.
  • Do you pave specialty mix designs?

    Yes, we’re experienced in applying specialty asphalt mixes as determined by contract. We work closely with our asphalt suppliers to ensure that we apply their products according to specifications for the highest quality end result. Specialty mixes we’re experienced with include open-graded friction course, fine and course graded mixes, stone-matrix asphalt, and more.
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